The aim of this website is to help buy to let landlords navigate their way around finding, buying and managing a property and portfolio.

With property prices continuing to rise faster than wages, property ownership is becoming more and more difficult and remains an unattainable dream for many.  This will remain the case until governments make a sustained, conscious effort to increase the supply of housing in the UK.  In the meantime, the roughly 2 million Buy to let landlords in the UK provide a very important service in the Private Rented Sector.

We believe the vast majority of landlords in the UK are well meaning and do so with the aim of providing accommodation of a high standard.  However, well-meaning as they may be, the rules and regulations governing But to let are getting increasingly onerous and harder to track.  We believe there are many landlords who may be falling foul of regulations without realising that they are doing so.

The aim of this website is to act as a resource for landlords to help them in their journey.  To start with we expect to blog regularly with articles on things that are of interest to landlords or potential landlords.  We will also look at legal, regulatory and tax issues. However, we disclaim at the outset that the aim of such articles is to provide a catalyst for landlords to take action by doing more research and/or getting professional advice in such matters.  We are not tax experts nor are we lawyers – we are just interested in improving the quality of the Private Rented Sector.

We hope that letting agents come on this website to understand how their landlords operate.  We hope they come and improve their own standards since there are far too may letting agents who are disliked both by tenants and landlords – the impression of charging exorbitant fees and performing substandard work seems to be a running theme (although we have to say there are lots of good lettings agents out there as well)

We also hope that tenants will come to this website so that they can appreciate the challenges that landlords face and to know what their rights are.  FOr example, if there is regulation that states that there should be a smoke alarm on every floor of a tenanted property, then we think tenants should know about this and demand that their landlord meets their obligations.

There is significant press interest in the Private Rented Sector – most of it anti-landlord. The government currently seems intent on making life very difficult for sole trader landlords (e.g. through changes to the interest deductibility for tax purposes) which serves no rational purpose apart from implicitly supporting “Big Business”.  If the Private Rented Sector is controlled by large corporations, we can be pretty sure that in the long run, tenants will lose out on both price (rents) and quality of accommodation.  There will be shareholders to keep happy as well as the (overpaid?) executives – where will that money come from we wonder?

The aim of this website is thus to educate landlords to ensure they buy their properties well, manage it well and keep their tenants happy.  In addition, we want them to be aware of their legal obligations.

We hope you enjoy following this site as we grow the content and it becomes a useful resource.

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