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Buying a property with tenants in situ

When buying a buy to let property, one way to improve returns is to buy a property with a tenant already in place. The main advantages of this is that firstly you will have a tenant in place from day 1 which means zero voids. Also, if a tenant is already living there, it is… Read More »

Finding a Letting Agent

Letting agents get a bad press – and for good reason. A lot of them run shoddy operations with no care or diligence towards their landlords nor the tenants and charge a high price to boot. When looking for a letting agent for your property, your diligence must be thorough since you are effectively handing… Read More »

Picking up the keys on a buy to let property

Picking up the keys is an exciting time – you can finally start to make plans to let the property out and start earning some income. However there are lots of things to take care of on the day you pick up the keys. Insurance The first thing to do is make sure your property… Read More »

Begin the year with a portfolio review

As we enter a new year, combined with the upcoming end of the tax year, this is a perfect opportunity to review your portfolio to make sure it is working hard for you. Some areas for consideration are below. Property condition Review each of your properties individually. What is their general condition and what major… Read More »

When and how to increase the rent

A very important decision to make as a landlord is to determine when/whether to increase the rent. A well-managed rent increase can improve your returns dramatically while a botched attempt may see a perfectly good tenant leave. Rent can be increased in three ways: Incorporate rent increases within an AST (e.g. 2.5% increase in rent… Read More »

Should sellers pay stamp duty?

As house prices continue to rise, and mortgage lending tightens, getting on the property ladder in the UK is becoming increasingly tough, if not impossible for many. Zoopla recently reported that with 2016 almost coming to an end, house prices grew by £19,348 or almost £57 per day (link here). With average salaries in the… Read More »

Maintenance – Tenant rights and obligations

This post examines the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords with regards to maintenance. The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 sets out the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. The Act can be found here in all its glory. When a property is rented through an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, the… Read More »

Self-manage or use a letting agent

When investing in Buy to let a landlord must decide whether to manage the property yourself or hand over that responsibility to a letting agent.  This is a critical decision since it will impact how hands-on you want to be with your business as well as the returns you achieve. Below are the pros and… Read More »

Checking the cashflow for a property purchase

We have added a spreadsheet called “Rentcent Cashflow Calculations” in our Resources section.  The spreadsheet (screenshot below) allows you to input key information about a property and gives key financial information like yield,  return on investment and payback.  At the moment all calculations are pre-tax but if we get enough feedback we will look to build… Read More »